Nonrenewable vs. Renewable

The resources we use today affect the world in many different ways for example here are some that help us in our everyday lives but also have a downside such as nonrenewable and renewable resources. Some nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels, natural gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy. Renewable sources are the ones that are not in danger of being used up and can be replaced naturally such as solar, wind, water, biomass and geothermal. Many of us may wonder how they are used below are some ways humans and or animals use some of these resources.


UK, Scotland, Illuminated natural gas processing plant at night
09 May 2014, Scotland, UK — UK, Scotland, Illuminated natural gas processing plant at night — Image by © KevinCarr/RooM the Agency/Corbis

What is Natural gas? How is it used?

Natural gas is used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and generating electricity this makes it the most important resource doesn’t it because we all use it in our everyday lives. Without this energy source do you think we’d be able to survive? It keeps our showers warm, showers hot, and our clothes dry. The U.S used about 27 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2016, mainly to heat buildings and generate electricity, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. (

There has been climate change in the world and that means higher billing in humans homes all over the world. The reason for that is the usage of heater and or AC which causes us to use more of it as the weather changes. The more we get colder air we use heater, as the weather gets hotter we use more AC. Natural gas delivery volume in its Ohio service territory since Dec. 15, 2017, is the second highest Vectren has seen, said Natalie Hedde, spokeswoman for the Evansville, Ind.-based company. “Extreme temperatures the last half of December 2017 through the first half of January this year have led to gas usage in volumes which rival the highest ever seen,” the company said in a release.

Burning natural gas instead of coal could help reduce air pollution providing immediate public health and environmental benefits. In conclusion, continued increases in natural gas demand for electricity and other uses could result in shortages and significant price increases in the future, similar to what the United States experienced in the early 2000s.


Such like natural gas wind is also on the same topic it generates about the same energy, wind turbines were created to convert the kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical power. This mechanical power can be used for generating electricity to power homes, businesses, schools etc.

“The generating capacity of the turbines in many early wind farms 25 years ago was measured in kilowatts and produced only enough power for a handful of average-sized homes in a country such as the US.” More powerful turbines are being created to reach a higher number of electricity for more homes. By the year of 2024 there will be more turbines with a capacity of 15MW says Giles Dickson, chief executive of the WindEurope trade body. (

Making electricity to power the world 100% by renewable sources seems so impossible but status say that it might already be in the making, that would be excellent because then it means cheaper than today’s electricity. “All plans for further expansion of coal, nuclear, gas and oil must be stopped. More investment needs to be channeled into renewable energies and the necessary infrastructure . Everything else will lead to unnecessary costs and increasing global warming.” The population is expected to grow from 7.3 million to 9.7 million people this century. Global greenhouse gas emissions would be significantly reduced, the study says, from about 11 GtCO2eq in 2015 to zero emissions by 2050 or earlier, as the total LCOE of the power system declines.




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